Mesquite 3.01 released

It’s often the case that in the course of completing a major release for a piece of software, various changes you make don’t have a chance to “settle in comfortably” by the time of release.  And so, over the next few weeks, you discover bugs or bad performance  that was introduced with the changes you made — “unanticipated consequences”.  As usual, this happened with Mesquite 3, and so we have released Mesquite 3.01.  Some of the fixes resolve performance issues in 3.0, some avoid crashes.  We also added a couple of new features.   You can get it at the Mesquite website.


Paper published: The deep phylogeny of jumping spiders (Araneae, Salticidae)

Our collaborative paper, with Daiqin Li and our respective colleagues, on the molecular phylogeny of salticids has come out! We’re thrilled to publish these data using standard Sanger sequencing before the deluge of genomic data comes out. If we had waited a year, people would have expected hundreds more genes! Nonetheless, our data from 8 genes has contributed to a firmer resolution of salticid phylogeny. There are still some areas with poor resolution, but it does seem that we are figuring this out.

I’ve prepared a version with the supplemental materials already embedded (and the tables rotated for ease of online viewing), here, but you can get the original basic version here.

The reference is this:

Maddison WP, Li D, Bodner M, Zhang JX, Xu X, Liu Q, Liu F. 2014. The deep phylogeny of jumping spiders (Araneae, Salticidae). Zookeys 440: 57–87.