Anophthalmia in Mus musculus

If you look at Joe Felsenstein’s Google Scholar citations page, you’ll find jaw-droppingly high numbers, reflecting the importance of his contributions to evolutionary biology. However, inexplicably, a paper from early in his career, one of his most subtle and deep papers, is not listed there. Perhaps it was forgotten because it pertains to disciplines (mammalian behaviour, sensory physiology, and species interactions) in which Joe is relatively unknown. In going through my files I found a copy of it, which I have scanned and shown in the photograph here.

AnophthalmiaInMusMusculusJoe, sorry for any copyright violation.


5 thoughts on “Anophthalmia in Mus musculus

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      • Actually, I probably did not put a “?” there in the original.

        It was submitted, while I was a graduate student, to a humor magazine, Journal of Insignificant Research which Leigh Van Valen put out for a few issues, in imitation of the much better-known Journal of Irreproducible Results. I came up with it in 1959 or 1960 while at the summer program for high school students at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. A fellow student name John Holland helped out (not the John Holland who is the genetic algorithms guy but another one).

        This detailed explanation is, I notice, longer than the original piece!

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