Mesquite 3.10 released


We’ve released version 3.10 of Mesquite, which has some important bug fixes and workarounds for operating system problems.  There are also some new features including a new alignment tool, the ability to BLAST a local database, a batch processor files in a folder, and the ability to read MrBayes sumt files.  For more details, see here.

MacClade’s 30th Anniversary

MacClade1Today is MacClade’s 30th birthday! Version 1 was released 21 June 1986, with David joining me for version 2 the following year.  The last release was version 4, but it’s not commonly in use today, as it is no longer compatible with modern operating systems. Those biologists who use it need to maintain ancient machines (or emulators) to run it. There are, however, some who do use it, and we often get comments that people miss it. Some of its DNA persists in Mesquite (both conceptually and as some code translated straight from Pascal into Java).  Happy Birthday, MacClade!