Singaporean gold

The jumping spider tribe Chrysillini takes its name from the genus Chrysilla, whose name means, more or less, the little golden one. Gold promises brilliance, and Chrysilla is more than brilliant gold — it’s a jewel of many colours. Here is a stunning male we got on Pulau Ubin in Singapore:

Chrysilla male from Singapore

The chrysillines are quite common across Eurasia and Africa, and are a target of our collecting in Singapore. We found many species of chrysillines, including species of Siler, Cosmophasis, Menemerus, Epocilla, Pseudicius (s. lat.), Phintella, and Phintelloides. Here are gloriously shiny males of the latter two genera

Males of Phintella and Phintelloides

Common in some places in Singapore are charming little chrysillines that I think belong to Helicius. Here are females of two different species that we think are closely related, because there respective males are quite similar.

Females of two species that I think are Helicius

As with the Plexippina, the Chrysillini include only a few species in the Americas, and so it’s a branch of the family I can’t find in my backyard.


1 thought on “Singaporean gold

  1. Remarkable colours. Made me wonder what the tiger beetles in the region look like and if perhaps your chrysillines benefit from any similarity.

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